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My students have found my blog. I feel my literary world and professional world obliterate each other and the line that existed forever gone. These perfect bubbles I have lived in are destroyed as the worry of parental complaints and protest. As a teacher you feel the weight of responsibility for those you teach as if they belong to you. My literary works are personal and not gossip. Will they recognize that in their tabula rasa state? some will while others will not and I am forced to confront a truth. My writing is public and I have chosen this stage. I must write with pride as I come out of the wings and stand center stage. I will not be silenced.

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Be brave is what I tell my daughter but I often forget to tell myself.

Constantly cultivate your dreams I tell my daughter but I forget to tell myself.

Strive every day to be your best self I tell my daughter but do I do this?

I know children do as you do and not as you say

So I start telling myself to be the person you want your daughter to be