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Urn’s to entertain


I have been considering what should be written on my urn.  I don’t want a boring, ugly urn but a fabulous vase with something mildly witty written on it. Ideas so far are:

“She was bound to end up here.”

“Don’t confuse with potpourri.”

“Rub three times, and a genie will pop out.”

“Smoke only if you want to trip for four days.”

“She arrived against her better judgment.”

“Let me out”

Maybe I can have an etch-a-sketch urn so you can write what you want or ohhh, perhaps some harry potter-esque one that changes automatically every few weeks.  So many fun ways to traumatize my family when I am gone – good times.



Putting the FUN back in funerals

I recently saw a commercial about people that laugh at innapropriate times and a new medication to stop that and I thought great another way I am apparently crazy.  I always laugh at funerals.  I am not laughing because they are dead I laugh because I remember how they made me laugh.  The joy I recieved from their life.  Plus I hope they are at the funeral and get the joke.